When You Can Leave

Your tenancy agreement is legally binding; it is for a fixed duration and you cannot give notice to vacate before the expiry date. Tenants must give their notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement and the Law relating to a tenant’s ability to give notice. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you have a problem and need to leave early or you are unsure of what the required legal procedures are for you to give correct notice to end your tenancy,

We will arrange to meet you at the property on the last day of your tenancy to carry out the check-out, verify the condition of the property against the inventory and read the meters. You will be required to return all sets of keys at this meeting; you will be charged on a daily basis until all keys and possessions are surrendered.

You must be ready to leave the property; all of your personal effects and your furniture must be removed and items belonging to the property must be returned to its original position. The property must be cleaned to a professional standard ready for the next tenant to move in. The garden must be left in seasonal order.

Deposit Return

As your deposit has been registered with a Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) scheme, as referred to previously, then you and the landlord will need to agree on any possible deductions before the deposit can be released.

You will receive much more information from us on this within 14 days of paying your deposit, but please note if a dispute arises between landlord and tenant then none of the deposit can be released until the matter is resolved.