Repair and maintenance

Repairs are of course necessary to each and every property throughout the length of the tenancy and Landlords must be prepared for this eventuality plus, of course, repair and/or replacement of major electrical items such as cookers, washing machines, fridges/freezers and boilers as they age. We will make arrangements, on your behalf, with our local contractors or contractors of your choice to carry out any such work.

We will agree in advance the level of responsibility you wish us to have in arranging repairs and replacements and then proceed accordingly. Some Landlords prefer to organise such matters themselves once they have been informed about them, and this is perfectly acceptable to us.

Where there is an emergency repair, such as a burst pipe or a gas leak, there are different legal obligations on all parties and we may well need to instruct on the work immediately to prevent any further damage to the property or health and safety risk to the tenants. In such circumstances we may need to act first and then report to you, and common sense has much to do with such decisions.

The garden

Before the Tenant moves into the Property arrangements should be made for the garden to be in good order and preferably easy to maintain.

Tenants are generally responsible for the upkeep of the garden and you should provide sufficient gardening tools and a mower for their use, these items will be included in the inventory.

Utilities and Council tax

Cedar Properties will ensure that electricity, gas, water and council tax accounts are transferred into the tenant’s name from the commencement of the tenancy and the final bills will be forwarded to you.


Telephone companies will not deal with third parties, only the account holder. You should request a closing telephone bill from BT or your usual supplier before leaving your property. Tenants should make their own applications for a phone and/or broadband connection.

Audio visual equipment

If televisions, videos, hi-fi equipment etc. are left in the property, it is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain them. Whether or not a TV is left, an aerial is essential.The television licence is the responsibility of the tenant.


You must ensure that building and content insurance policy covers your property for lettings. If you wish, we can put you in touch with insurance companies.


The tenants should have one complete set of property keys plus an extra front door key. Cedar Properties require keys to the front door only. We strongly recommend that the landlord retains the original complete set of property keys. All appliances should come with a complete set of instructions. We suggest you retain the originals and leave copies in the property.