Insurance & Utilities

Contents Insurance

Tenants’ own contents and personal possessions will not be covered by the Landlord’s insurance if the property is broken into or subjected to flooding, fire etc. Therefore, tenants will need to take out their own contents insurance to be protected. Some tenants’ Contents Insurance policies will enable you to cover the Landlord’s goods against accidental damage by you and will also provide you with Public Liability cover which is essential should a substantial claim ever be made against you.

Neither Cedar Properties nor your landlord can accept any liability for a tenant’s failure to have their personal possessions fully insured, protection against accidental damage to the Landlord’s goods, or a lack of Public Liability cover.

Utility, Telephone, Broadband, Media Providers and Council Tax

It is the tenant’s responsibility to arrange for the transfer of utility, telephone, broadband, media providers and council tax accounts into their name. It is also their responsibility to close these accounts at the end of the tenancy.