Moving In

Checking into the Property

Appointments to move into the property can only take place during office hours. Our office will confirm to you the exact amount payable by you (rent and bond) before we can give you the keys to the property. Please note these monies MUST be paid in cleared funds; personal cheques will NOT be accepted. All tenants must be present at this appointment to sign the necessary legal documentation. The check-in will take place at the property where the inventory will also be agreed and signed, and all meters read.

Who may occupy the Property?

Only those named on the tenancy agreement as tenants and their dependants may occupy the property. The tenancy may not be transferred to any other third party.

Responsibilities during the tenancy

Unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing, the tenants are responsible for payment of all utilities at the property and this includes Gas, Electricity, Water and Council Tax, Telephone/Internet charges, TV Licence.

You are responsible for keeping the property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition, including the regular upkeep of any garden. You as a tenant are responsible for replacing “everyday consumables” such as: light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters, vacuum cleaner bags, batteries for doorbells or smoke detectors or remote handsets etc. You must not carry out any redecoration to the property or put nails in walls etc., without specific written permission, and you must not carry out unauthorised repairs, except in an emergency. The property and contents must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

Payment of Rent

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding document which requires you to pay the rent, in full, by standing order on the rent due date.


One set of keys and an extra set of front door key(s) will be issued on the commencement of the tenancy. You are responsible for ensuring the property is secure and locked at all times when no one is home. Cedar Properties retain a set of front door keys.